Homeschool High School English - Make Your Course YOUR OWN

High School Homeschool English does not have to follow a traditional pattern or require the cost of a complicated English course.  Here's how we made our own.

Do you have a teen who doesn't want to do the traditional high school English course?  

Why not make one yourself, using the books that they want to read.  

Most colleges tend to look for literature and composition in an applicant's high school English courses, but don't specify what type of literature to include.  

That gives us homeschoolers lots of leeway. The best part about it was that my daughter loved her homemade course!  

And it helped her develop a love for reading. Our homemade English course was accepted by each of the colleges that our daughter had on her list. 
To read more and to reach our favorite frugal resources for lit guides, etc, please just click here:  How to Make Your OWN FRUGAL English Course.

Do you want a step by step guide to the Common Application for homeschoolers?  It is the top feature in my new book!

I have gathered together all my best tips for high school and college and put it into my new book, Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd Edition


This book is an easy-to-read guide to high school, recently updated with 7 NEW chapters, including:
  • My own homeschoolers guide to the Common Application
  • How to write the Counselor Recommendation Letter
  • Where to find college scholarships
  • SAT/ACT Prep
  • How to make your own homemade courses
  • Included are also 12 homeschool high school planning printables to make your record-keeping easier.

This book does not tell you how to homeschool high school.  Instead it gives you guide to give you the details so that you can focus on your teen's needs. 

And help for record keeping!  With my exclusive high school and college planning printables.

For more information, click here - Frugal College Prep for Homeschoolers or to buy it here - on Amazon  

Have you seen the facebook group that I administer on high school?  You are invited to join us there, to get answers to your questions, and join in our supportive community.

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