Big Back to Homeschool High School GIVEAWAY -- Ended (Worth $319.00)

Summary: This is a giveaway of homeschool high school curriculum and resources worth a total of $319.00. Enter to win --Online high school courses, and others in fine arts, science, world history and more!  Plus 1/2 hour of free college counseling is included. GIVEAWAY ENDED This post may included affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would love to use in our  own homeschool.  Please see my disclosure policy.

Welcome to our Homeschool High School Giveaway! 

I got together 7 quality homeschool high school resources and curriculum for this giveaway. I hope that something from this list will add something special to your homeschool. It was so fun to put this together for you!  I hope that you will enter and I hope that you will win!

This giveaway includes resources and curriculum for Social Studies, Nature Study, Fine Art, College Prep, College Counseling, and online courses.

Let's start with Fine Arts.

1.  Fine Arts

Do you have a teen who is looking for an art elective this year?  How about doing a video based hands-on Art course?   

There are many video based courses to choose from at You ARE An Artist.  This is a company owned by a homeschooling mom, which offers mulitple choices for hands-on art instruction, video based.  

Tricia from You ARE An Artist is offering her video course in Art Techniques ($22.50)
 GIVEAWAY ($22.50)
You ARE An Artist - Art Techniques
This will take your teen step by step, through a tour of techniques with Master Artists, from Impressionism to Modernism.

All that is needed is a set of chalk pastels and construction paper, no complicated list of art supplies to try to find.

Art Techniques  could be part of an Art History course, or an Introduction to Art course.

If you want to make a whole fine art high school credit, we recommend adding their You Are an Artist Clubhouse Membership, which gives you access to over $2,000 worth of art lessons, including their I Drew It I Knew It History series.  Click around to check out their other wonderful VIDEO chalk pastel courses.

All of their courses are taught by a master artist.

The Stein family says, "Have any of you followed along with these art tutorials before?  She is calm and relaxing..just like watching Bob Ross!  We are loving our membership.  One of the best things I've added to our homeschool this year!"

Also on their site is The Bird Chalk Pastels Art Course that would go along well with your teen's high school science studies.   

Are you looking for an elective in science for your teen?

2.  Life Science

Eva Varga, from Eva, is offering these three Life Science courses below, including Botany, Zoology and Ecology.  

GIVEAWAY from Eva Varga
3 Life Sciences (Worth $60.00)

This giveaway includes all 3 courses (at $19.00 each):
 2.  Ecology 3.  Zoology  
3 Life Sciences is written by Eva Varga, a veteran homeschool blogger, who is also a former science teacher.  She blogs at Eva Varga, about the independent nature of homeschooling, travel and authentic learning experiences. 

Although these courses, 3 Life Scienceswere written to the middle schooler, they make a great spine for a high school course in Life Science. Start with these excellent courses, then add in some more web research on topics of interest.  It makes a great science elective for your high schooler.  A whole high school credit is equal to 140 to 180 hours of work.

Eva also offers more science courses on her site - Eva Varga Science.  Although these courses were written to the middle schooler, they make a great spine for a high school course in Life Science. Start with these excellent courses, then add in some more web research on topics of interest.  It makes a great science elective for your high schooler.  A whole high school credit is equal to 140 to 180 hours of work.

Are you wanting to add a little nature study to your homeschool this fall?
3.  Nature Study

Cindy, from  Our Journey Westward has tons of resources for nature study.  She is offering her course in Nature Explorers Incredible Creeks ($12.00) Her site, Our Journey Westward offers many more books, such as guides for Charlotte Mason homeschooling on her site  Today she is giving away a deep and thorough unit study focusing on streams and creeks.

This ebook offers a deep and thorough unit study focusing on streams and creeks.

Are you, instead, looking for a course in history to add to your teen's core studies?

4.  Social Studies

7 Sisters Homeschool is offering History and Philosophy of the Western World.  It is a complete history course that is solid but without any busy work, and is written byVicki Tillman. It is a year long course, perfect for your teen's social studies credit in World History.  And it includes Church History notes as well.

History and Philosophy of the Western World

From 7 Sisters Homeschool
GIVEAWAY - ($36.00)
This college prep ebook course is written in conversational style with pictures, maps, vocabulary lists, comprehension questions, and even tests and an answer key.

History and Philosophy of the Western World  is ideal for independent study, but I think it will also make very interesting dinner table family conversation, too!

Have you seen the new blog series from 7 Sisters Homeschool?   I invite you to check these out:

An Authoritative Guide to How to Homeschool High School
An Authoritative Guide to Literature for Homeschool High School
An Authoritative Guide to Electives for Homeschool High School
An Authoritative Guide to Out of the Box Credits for Special Needs
An Authoritative Guide to Homeschool Co-ops for High School
An Authoritative Guide to Homeschool Career Exploration

Each of these posts below are filled with helpful tips from veteran high school homeschool bloggers, plus information on their frugal homeschool high school courses as well.

Are you homeschooling a college bound teen?  Are you wondering how to deal with the college application process as a homeschooler?

5.  College Prep

What if your teen decides they want to go to college? What do you need to know then? 

We have two offerings on this topic, one is my NEW updated guide to college for homeschoolers.   

"Betsy's book, Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd Edition, spells out all that you need to know about that in 10 easy to do steps.  Plus this NEW edition now has 7 NEW Chapters full of college prep resources."  Lessa, college counselor, who recommends this book.

From BJ's Homeschool

Homeschooling High School with College in Mind - 2nd edition  
(Worth $11.99) 

Paperback is on Amazon
15% OFF at Barnes and Noble 

Create your own unique and nurturing high school program for your teen and showcase their accomplishments to the colleges. 

My book lays out 10 easy steps for homeschool to college, and covers everything you need to help your teen get into the college of their choice, with 7 NEW chapters. 

Create your own unique and nurturing high school program for your teen and showcase their accomplishments to the colleges. 

The 17 Chapters include:

>Chapter 1 - How to Start Homeschooling if you are a Newbie
>Chapter 2 - 101 Reasons to Homeschool High School
>Chapter 3 - Researching and Getting Started
  Chapter 4 - Planning High School and Making a 4 Year Plan
>Chapter 5 - Choosing Your High School Curriculum
>Chapter 6 - Three Ways to High School Credit
>Chapter 7 - Making Your Teen's Transcripts
>Chapter 8 - 100 High School Electives
>Chapter 9 - Making Homemade Courses
>Chapter 10 - Writing a Winning College Essay
>Chapter 11 - Course Descriptions and Reference Letters
>Chapter 12 - The Common Application - Your GUIDE
>Chapter 13 - Preparing Your Teen for College Writing
>Chapter 14 - Dealing with College Testing SAT/ACT
>Chapter 15 - Top Sources for College Scholarships
>Chapter 16 - Dealing with “Those Questions” from Others
>Chapter 17 - Don’t Forget the FUN!

>There are 12 downloadable high school homeschool planning printables plus a transcript form for you to just fill in. The kind of transcript form that the colleges are used to seeing.
Review by Lit Pick is here: 

Homeschooling High School with College in Mind Video 

Paperback is at Amazon $11.99 
15% OFF at Barnes and Noble 

It has lots of planning printables on:

Making your overall plan
Writing the college essay
Dealing with reference letters
Writing those course descriptions
Choosing your curricula
..and more.

Paperback is on Amazon 

-- Do you have a questions on college you would you like to ask a certified college counselor?

Lessa Scherrer, a certified college consultant at College Inside Track, is offering 1/2 hour of FREE consultation on college for the winner of this giveaway. 

Lessa Scherrer, from College Inside Track offers:
Worth $75.00

One half hour of FREE consultation with Lessa Scherrer, can give you just what you need to help get your teen into college.  Lessa works with students and families to help them find and apply to colleges that fit them academically, socially and financially.

She is an expert college consultant with College Inside Track.  Since 2014, she has worked with homeschoolers, teens with learning differences and those aiming for Ivy schools.  She is very up-to-date and helps students gain admission to their best fit college.

She has presented to national audiences through SEA Homeschoolers, The Uncommon Applicant, and American Mensa.  She is an expert in the college admissions process, early college admissions, writing the college essay and helping your teen find their purpose.

And Lessa is also a homeschooling mom of 3 graduates!  So she is not at all intimidating to talk with?  She uses that experience to help homeschooled teens through the whole process, from transcripts to application.

Are you wanting to add an online high school course to your homeschool this year?

6.  Online Homeschool High School Courses


FundaFunda Academy provides excellent online full semester classes for homeschoolers and short online special interest classes as well.  With a focus on fun and creative learning, while providing solid core studies and elective courses.

They are offering two online homeschool high school courses for this giveaway.  Their Introduction to Theater course is offered at 50% off and their Scratch Programming course is offered FREE.

 From Funda Funda Academy
 (Worth $69.50)
Introduction to Theater 

From FundaFunda Academy
Beginners Scratch Programming Online Class 
(Worth $55.00)

FundaFunda Academy offers specially crafted online high school courses that are engaging and fun, while still providing in-depth learning.  They involve the students in the learning process instead of simply lecturing them.  Instead they use many of the wonderful resources the internet has to offer - videos, infographics, interactive sites and games to name a few.

I invite you to check out their class listings here, and include Biology 1 and 2, Computer, Ecology, Economics, Government, Earth Science, Health, Personal Finance and more.

FundaFunda Full Semester Online Classes

Fall registration closes September 2nd.  Even though classes started in late August, students can start later and catch up.  They also offer web-based unit studiesThey are also on Facebook - FundaFunda Academy.  

cover photo, Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text

Plus they have an active Facebook group, just for those who are homeschooling high school.  It is called Homeschooling College Bound Teens.

The Giveaway is over.  So sorry!

Thanks for stopping by BJ's Homeschool!


  1. The hardest thing about homeschooling a teen, for me, is trying to merge her subjects/schedule/methods with my (significantly) younger child's. The best thing is I get to see her emerging talents/personality/style developing!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Amy. I loved watching my teen grow and begin to find her gifts during high school. And it was fun to watch her try new high school activities, too.

  3. The hardest thing is finding enough time to get all the learning in. As the kids have gotten older, it takes several hours to get everything accomplished. Plus, incorporating hands on learning/experiments is tough too! The best thing is being with the kids every step of the way and seeing them revel in their accomplishments!

    1. I can so relate to that, Miranda W. And thanks for sharing! Now that my teen is a young adult, who graduated from college already, I am still enjoying watching her take each new step. And see how homeschooling has helped her in each step in her life, along the way. It is very rewarding to see that!

  4. The hardest part about homeschooling my teen is learning the material she is. I don’t remember doing a lot of this when I was in high school.
    The best thing is that my daughter is an independent learner, so I don’t have to sit and teach anymore.

    1. I agree, I think the high schoolers have so much more on their place now, compared to how it was for us, during the high school years. Nice that your daughter has become an independent learner, cupcakelakin!

  5. The hardest part about homeschooling is getting him interested in doing it. We have only been homeschooling forn3 years now. Up till then he was in public school. He is angry i switched him. The best part is, i only have 1 more summer with him. I want to spend as much time as we can together before he goes tonjoin the military.

  6. The hardest part is getting him to actually do the work. Right now he is angry that i took him out of public school 3 years ago. The best part is getting to spend all the time we can together before he leaves for the military next year.

    1. Soak up that time and make as many good memories as you can, mmknauff. That is what we did, and it has also been so wonderful watching our daughter grow after high school, into the young woman that she was meant to be. You must be so proud he is going into the military.

  7. Hardest thing is definitely attitude!

    1. I am with you on that, Christi B! Thanks for stopping by,


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