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Summary -  A collection of hands-on activities from Amazon, for crafts, science and more. This post includes affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would use in our homeschool. #handsonlearning #homeschoolelementary #giftsforkids.  I use affiliate links to products that we used or would use in our homeschool. Please see my disclosure policy.

It's curriculum search time and I always started back to our homeschooling routine with a fun hands-on learning project.  Each year, when my daughter was young, we spent at least one day a week working on a hands on project that she chose for herself.

My 2e daughter learned so much from doing hands-on projects in our homeschool, especially during the fall and the cold winter months, when it was too chilly to play outside. It was nice and cozy inside when my daughter had a fun project to do.

And she loved doing these projects!  At the same time, doing hands-on learning taught her so much, and with her ADHD tendencies, we saw improved attention span, concentration, attention to task, and more.  And doing these activities or kits together made wonderful memories, too.

Amazon has tons of ideas for fun, hands-on learning that is educational, too. Here are some of my favorites for you, including creative arts and crafts, fabric arts, my favorite science kits, and even some construction kits for making things with wood.

Let's start with arts and crafts, which are so great for developing small muscle skills for handwriting, and more.


Arts and Crafts were always big in our homeschool.  My daughter learned to hand sew early on, and loved making small sewing projects.  We also enjoyed spinning art, origami, and crafting with clay. And anything project oriented from American Girl.  Here's some creative kits for each of these activities that I just mentioned.


Have you ever thought about teaching your kids how to knit or weave, using very simple projects? Oak Meadow Homeschool curriculum got us started with some knitting and weaving.  These projects were so fun to do together and also helped my daughter with her attention issues and concentration skills.

Each year, in the elementary years, we spent every Thursday morning working on a hand arts projects, using VERY small, VERY easy projects.  My daughter made this quilted pillow above.

Now let's look at some wood and construction kits....


And finally, I'd like to share some wonderful wooden construction kits that I found.   At our house, my daughter, when she was little, started out making things out of cardboard and tape, and here's one that she made of the rides that she took at our state fair.  Then she got into making things with wood.....

Building with wood, what a great way to play and learn on a winter's day!  Making things with kits like these below, improved my child's direction following skills, attention to task, organizational skills and more.  And then, there was the pride of creating something by hand, and a job well done!

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT - Through coloring books?

These books are written in story form, to teach character education for young learners, through coloring books.

Would you like to teach your kids about gratitude?  Taking responsibility for their actions?  How to be a good friend and to make friends? How to do what he says? These and more are taught in the series called "Donnie Learns".

These books tell simple and interesting stories that teaches a positive character trait.  The author even had the cover by blank, so as to encourage the kids to color it and all the pages of their books.

Here are a few for you to browse, if you like.  Here is a link to my review - Character Education Coloring Books

I hope that this gives you some helpful ideas for your own homeschool. What would you add to this list?  If you share your ideas below, I am sure that other families would be interested in them. I wish you a wonderful homeschool year, with lots of hands-on learning fun with your kiddo.

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