Different Paths to Follow - Traditional OR Untraditional?

Summary:  Planning post high school for those who are homeschoooling teens.  Do you want to go the traditional college route or a more traditional one for your homeschooled high schooler?  Includes two book reviews. and one is about homeschooling to college.

Do you have a teen who is graduating soon, or will next year?  Or maybe you are planning ahead with your teen for their future....

Do they want to go to college?  Do they want to do something different than that?  Or do they really have no idea where they will be heading.

There are so many paths our teens can follow, the traditional path of applying to college, going directing into a vocation, or training for that.  Or maybe something else.  More unique!

What do you do if your teen has no idea where they are headed after graduating?

What's a mom to do as far as nurturing them during this time?

My friend, Kelly Hirt, homeschool blogger and mama from My Twice Baked Potato blog, has found two great books that can both be a real help with this kind of thing.

One of the books is aimed at teens who want to go to college.  It is a guide to college for homeschoolers.  Kelly does a review of my book in the article below.

The other book is for those who want a more untraditional, a different path post-homeschool.

Kelly wrote about both resources, in depth, and also shares how they helped her to look at this issue with her own homechooled son, looking in to the future.

Excerpt from her post - Different Paths to Follow

"Because my homeschooled son is entering eighth grade, his higher learning options have been on my mind lately.  Homeschooling has been great for my family, but I have wondered if it might limit his educational choices in the future. With this in mind, I set out to read and educate myself."........

Click here to read the rest of this delightful article, full of encouragement, and I promise you it is a good read!

Different Paths to Follow includes a look at two different ways to go.

The traditional way, ie going to college and deciding on a major, or more untraditional ways, such as internships or a mentorship of sorts.  It is a great read from a homeschool mama.

Read on by clicking here for her review of both books.  Two different ways to go.

Do you have a college bound teen?

My book called - Homeschooling High School with College in Mind - 2nd edition...

is full of tips for homeschooling high school for your teen.

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