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Homeschooling high school is a lot more fun with creative writing added to it.  And that can really help your high schoolers improve their essay writing skills as well..  #homeschoolhghschoolenglishcurriculum #homeschoolhighschoolwriting #nanovwrimo #creativewritingcurriculum #homeschoolhighschoolenglishcurriculum  Note - This post may included affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would use in our  own homeschool. Please see my disclosure policy.

Are you wanting to try your hand at story writing?  Or do struggle with writing essays and want to try something different?  

Why not try take a break from that and try some creative writing instead?

My teen got so much out of creative writing during middle school and later in high school, too.  In fact, we did a lot of creative writing and it helped her later in her essay writing in high school. 

But how do you get your student started, if they are a little reluctant?

My daughter and I tried a number of things for creative writing through the years.  We found three frugal resources that became our favorites.  One of them was from A Beka.  Let's start with that one first....

  1.  Creative Writing with Penmanship Skills by A Beka

Creative Writing with A BEKA

A Beka Books put together an introduction to creative writing for 6th graders, but it can work for middle schoolers.  It is full of encouragement to get your children writing.  

They include exercises to help your young writers get in touch with their senses, and start to notice details, both of which are key to story writing.

These lessons included: 

1.  Observing details
2.  Journaling
3.  Mind Stetchers
4.  Poetry Writing
5.  Writing Memories, and much more.  

My middle schooler loved working in this book, and the beautiful illustrations helped to motivate her.  I have a review of it here. 

Next is a free resource for getting going in creative writing, or even the NaNovWriMo....

Have you heard of that?  Read on for more....

2.  Young Novelists's Notebook 

 National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 

They encourage kids and adults to write every day during the month of November.  

But their site has a bunch of resources for story writing which can be used at any time of the year.

One of these is the Young Novelist's Notebook for Middle Schoolers. They actually have three for elementary, another for middle schoolers, and one for high school.  

You can download the High School Young Novelist's Notebook here.

These workbooks cover all the aspects of story writing...including creating characters, building settings and establishing plots.  

In our homeschool, we took the month of November, and worked on creative writing each year, from 8th grade, through 11th grade. It was a nice break from our routine, and my daughter ended up writing short novellas.  

She learned so much about literary analysis, by putting together her stories, and having to deal with the concepts of plot, setting, character development, etc.  This helped her later, when she needed to study literature in her high school years.

And finally, here is our favorite resource for high schoolers....

3.  No Plot, No Problem

No Plot? No Problem NaNoWriMo Review at The Curriculum Choice
The folks at the National Novel Writing Month have another great resource for creative writing, called "No Plot, No Problem". 

It is full of helpful ways to get past the fear of putting words on the page!   And also leaving your "Inner Editor" behind.

This book gives your writer a lot of tips, strategies and tricks to help them write stories.  It also gives guidance, and do's and don't for writers.  We used this book during a month of NaNovWriMo writing, but it is great for use anytime!  

Read more of my review of this book here.

Does creative writing really help your student?  We found that it gave my daughter three benefits: 

Benefits of Creative Writing:

1. First, it was fun!  It helped her to associate writing with enjoyment and positive feelings. It can be such a help in motivating reluctant writers.

2. Secondly, by writing a story, my student was learning the components of literature, such as setting, plot, characters, etc.  And she was learning these things hands-on, by creating her own story.

3.  It built up my young teen's confidence in putting words on the page, and this was so helpful when it came time to learn how to write essays in high school.

What is your favorite frugal resource for creative writing?  I really do love reading your comments.  Do you have writers in your midst?  

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