Homeschooling High School with College in Mind

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Do you have a high schooler who is interested in college?  Does the idea of knocking on the college's door give you pause?

Colleges are getting more homeschool friendly, even more so n my daughter was accepted into college, and now many are looking for the kind of students that homeschooling produces - independent learners.

When my 2e daughter was interested in going to college, I did a lot of research, from a homeschooling perspective.  And I put all of my best tips for college in this book.  It is based on my blog posts on college that I have shared on BJ's Homeschool, over the last three years.

My daughter is a junior in college now, and was pleased to get into each of the colleges that she applied to, with very helpful scholarship offers. (That included an ivy, a private Christian college, a two tier university and one more, just so you know.)  She was well prepared for college writing, we were so happy to see.  (The book includes tips for that, too.)

There are so many ways to go, for our teens, after graduating.  My daughter's desire was to go to college as a freshman, right from homeschool.  That way she did not have to go through the transition of moving from a community college to a 4 year U as a junior.  This plan is working out well for her, and she is so happy that she had this opportunity!

Why reinvent the wheel, and do all the research and planning yourself?   Learn how you can easily share your student's accomplishments to the colleges.  

                      Homeschooling High School with College in Mind 

It's a simple guide to college prep, with tips for planning high school at home.

Kindle is here - Amazon
Available in print.

Get my best tips on college from a homeschool perspective! 

What's in it?
Here are the chapter titles:

Getting Started with College Entrance Requirements
Making an Overall High School Plan
Choosing your Curriculum
3 Ways to High School Credit
Making your Transcripts
Electives and College
Writing a Winning College Essay
Course Descriptions and Reference Letters
Preparing your Teen for College Writing
Nature Study and PE

What people are saying about it:

"Parents of 8th Graders should read this book! I say that homeschooling parents of 8th graders should read this book because you don't want to miss out on all the planning tools that Betsy has included.  She writes in such a conversational tone that it seems like you're just meeting to have coffee and chat...but don't let that fool you?  After you finish reading this book, you will feel confident and motivated to take the next steps to educate your kids yourself and prepare them for college...."  
...Kelly Malleck, President of Homeschool Support Association of WA.

"Being a very practical homeschooler, I love the examples and planning forms included throughout this book.  It is like Betsy is holding my hand........"  
 .....Tricia Hodges, Hodgepodge Blog, and she also shares a review of it at The Curriculum Choice here. 

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Our daughter's first day of college.

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Betsy is mom to her now college junior, whom she homeschooled from day one.  She blogs at BJ's Homeschool, about the early yearshigh school & college and wrote the book - Homeschooling High School with College in Mind.   She offers free homeschool help through messages at BJ's Consulting

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us at Hip Homeschool Moms! So many homeschooling parents worry about transcripts and college, and resources like yours will be a big help to them!

    1. Thanks, Wendy Hiton, for stopping by and hosting the Hip Homeschool Mom's blog hop!


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