Homeschool High School Volunteer and Leadership Activities

Summary:  Homeschool high school electives are the fun of homeschooling our teens.  Volunteering and leadership activities also can really help our teens get into college.  Here are a bunch of them to browse through and each one can earn high school credit! #homeschoolhighschool #highschoolelectives #volunteering #homeschoolleadershipactivities

Has your teen helped lead a class in co-op?  Or did they volunteer as an assistant at Girl Scouts camp? 
These are important things to share with the colleges.  

Many colleges are looking for some demonstrated leadership skills in their applicants. 

But leadership related activities are not hard to find.  There are many opportunites for these in our communities, such as:

- National Speech and Debate Association - offering middle and high school competitions & tournaments and much more! They are also on Facebook


  • Joining a Parks Department Teen Board
  • Volunteering as a Teen Leader in Scouts, 4H, Parks, or YMCA
  • Volunteering at Church, in youth programs, day camps, etc.
  • Paging at the State Legislature
  • Volunteering at an animal shelter
  • Participating in a Play/Drama
  • Helping in a class at Co-op 

Here are some more high school activities leadership activities, including the one my teen really enjoyed, called Youth and Government.

Leadership Activities

1.  Youth and Government is a hands on way of learning about state government, gaining speech and debate skills at the same time.  

They meet in small groups, as delegations, then compete in district events, while learning about state government and how a bill becomes a law.  Meanwhile they practice debate skills, leading up to the statewide Youth Mock Legislature

    The teens gather together at the youth legislator and enact the roles of legislators and vote on mock bills, written by the teens themselves.  This program is available in 33 states across the country, and is sponsored by the YMCA.  They even elect their own youth governor each year!  

    More on this program is here. - Youth and Government article.  The last evening they host a dress ball for all the teens. 

    This program is in 35 states around the U.S at YMCA Youth and Government   Check out their list of  State programs here.  Here's another state government related program:

    2.  TeenPact Leadership Schools – This is another well established leadership program which provides groups and workshops that equip teens to become leaders in politics, society and citizenship.  

    They offer state classes, four day classes and a national convention, too. Their classes are held in 41 states at their state capitals.  

     To register for a state class click here

    3.  Counselor-in-Training Programs – The girl scouts, boy scouts and camp fire programs all offer counselor training to teens.  Then they assist in summer day camps for younger kids.

    4.  Volunteering – Help at a food bank as a family, volunteer at a pet hospital, or the Humane Society, assist at a library as a volunteer page, help to lead a class at co-op, etc.  By recording your teen’s hours, volunteering can be made into a homemade elective course.  

    5.  Parks Department’s Teen Board – Many parks departments have youth teen boards, who meet regularly to plan activities for younger kids, and that is a way to learn leadership skills.

    6.  PoliceExplorers – Many police departments offer this program for high schoolers.  It includes lots of volunteer opportunities and leadership training as well.  Our family friend has been involved it this program for years, and is gaining helpful experience, that may lead directly to a career in law enforcement.

    7.  Speech and Debate - NCFCA – National Christian Forensics Communication Association – This is the longest standing nonprofit organization that offers speech and debate activities for homeschooled high schoolers.  They meet locally in chapters, compete regionally, and hold a national championship yearly.  Lots of my teen’s homeschool friends participated in this, and loved it.  

I recommend finding an activity that your teen is interested in and is a good fit.  Something that fits them naturally.  

Not everyone is a natural leader.  Some kids don't want to participate in group activities, but prefer 1 on 1.  

Tutoring a fellow homeschooler can show leadership just as much as joining a leadership oriented group.

That's the beauty of homeschooling.  

We can find the right fit for our teens.

7 Sisters Homeschool also has some helpful tips here on Service and Leadership Teams for Homeschooling High Schoolers.

Here is an opportunity to get community service hours.

Sumbal, from Korea is offering a way to do that through being a pen pal. She works for Storypal, a Global Education Penpal Platform.

They are looking for pen pals for English speaking high school students in Korea. If you are interested in this program please email

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Have you been homeschooling an overwhelmed teen?  My friend Vicki, from 7 Sisters Homeschool has lots of ideas for that in her post What Do You Do When Your Homeschooled Teens Feel Overwhelmed?

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