Our Homeschool High School Science Sequence and Curriculum Choices

Summary: Are you looking for ideas for you #highschoohomeschoolsciencecurriculum?  Here's our favorites for high school science and labs. Plus some recommendations and reviews from our friends! #homeschoolhighschoolscience,  Note - This post may included affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would use in our own homeschool.  Please see my disclosure policy.

Are you looking for high school science curriculum ideas for next year?  Or are you wondering what a typical sequence looks like for high school science?

Science was my daughter's favorite subject in middle school and high school.  She liked doing it independently, so we looked for a curriculum that would give her that.  We also kept in mind her likely college entrance requirements for science.  

Sharing today, our favorites for high school science and labs.  Plus some from our homeschooling friends, along with links to their curriculum reviews.

With so many curriculum to choose from, it can be overwhelming.  I hope that this is make your choosing a little easier!

There is so much to high school science, and we loved still including nature study in ours.  So let's start with that first.


Exploring our natural world was still important to us during the high school years, too.  

We spent time at the beach, in our favorite parks, taking nature photography pictures, too.  This helped to motivate my daughter, when it came to her science studies.

Click here to read how we incorporated nature study into high school, and how we made it into a high school elective.


We found many options for science including Oak Meadow, Apologia, A Beka, Switch-On-Schoolhouse (SOS), etc. 

We chose Switched-On-Schoolhouse (SOS), as we wanted a computer based program, so that my daughter wanted  to work independently.  

Plus it was all graded for me!  Amazon offers some used SOS curriculum here.


We used SOS for:
Physical Science - 9th grade 
Biology - 10th grade 
Chemistry - 11th grade

Many families do two or three years of science.  Most college just require two years of science, which is typically:

Biology and Chemistry with Labs  

Almost all colleges require a year long lab to go with each of these courses.  SOS included labs in each of their science offerings.  They are virtual labs, ie they are done on the computer.  

We preferred doing hands on labs.  Lifepacs offers some here.  Our teen learned so much from doing these labs, just in our kitchen.  

Lifepacs Science Labs

We enjoyed the Lifepacs science labs all through high school.

If your student is heading to a science or math, or even computer related major in college, they will likely need 4 specific science courses that the college lays out. 

A typical pre-science major sequence could be:

9th grade Physical Science
10th grade Biology with lab
11th grade  Chemistry with lab
12th grade Physics with lab

They also would require more math, but of course, check with your individual colleges for your own teen.  What if your teen needs tutoring help?


SOS also have tutoring available by the half hour.  But now there are so many online tutoring sources as well.  Working some of the science problems out with a teacher really helped, when complex concepts came up. 


Other Homeschool High School Science Curriculum that we considered:

1.  Oak Meadow has college bound level sciences with a textbook approach.

2.   Apologia is a popular creation science based program and here is a review. 

3. A Beka with a review

4.  Advanced Biology Review

5.  Sunlight Ultra Microscope Review

We also recommend the Home Science Tools for high school lab kits.

High school science teaches so much more than science concepts.  It also teaches critical thinking, problem solving, organizational skills and so much more.  

I hope this is a help to your own high school homeschool next year!
Feel free to leave a comment and add to this list.

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