2019 Stocking Stuffer Blog Hop

Summary:  Sharing our best fun and educational homeschool related products with you for your stocking stuffers. Each of these was crafted with love to bless your homeschool! All virtual products will supply a beautiful gift certificate for you to gift or stuff into a stocking. Happy Shopping! #homeschoolelectives #stockingstuffers This post may included affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would use in our  own homeschool. Please see my disclosure policy.

Give a gift that keeps on giving this year! Twelve bloggers have come together to share their best products with you. Each of these was crafted with love to bless your homeschool! CLOSED NOW

I am honored to be included in this great blog hop, full of homemade fun and educational stocking stuffers for your family.

Are you looking for stocking stuffers for your kids or teens?

We have the best list right here!  For all of the kids in your family.

Would you like stocking stuffers for:

--- Your teen who likes video games or wants to start a podcast?
--- Or your kids who want to do cooking activities, art, card making. music? or want to learn some easy Spanish, or even do piano lessons?
--- Or even 4 weeks of holiday homeschool activities already planned out for you? AND there are also helps for homeschool moms on this list, too! Give a gift that gives on giving!

 All virtual products will supply a beautiful gift certificate for you to gift or stuff into a stocking.

So let's get started SHOPPING!

Let's start with fun family activities!

cooking science for kids
How about cooking up some fun with Cooking By Level by Raising Human Beans!

It is a Level Based Cookbook, that teaches your kids how to cook simple meals and more.

From helping out- to cooking full meals by themselves!!

It includes Volume 1- Easy Food,
then Volume 2- Tea Time,
and Volume 3- Pancakes,
Plus in the near future there will be a now volume just for the holidays!

 This includes seven lessons, and six projects.

podcast for teens
Does your homeschool teen need an elective credit on their transcript?

Would your techie high schooler like to pursue their passions while completing coursework?

Then the Podcast Launch for Teens by Abby Banks is for YOU!

Save $15 with coupon code MERRY

Celebrate Christmas
These practical activity plans are perfect to embrace the holiday season with your kids! They’re simple enough that they fit in easily to your already hectic schedule.

There are four weeks of activities already planned out for you, so there’s no need to go looking for something to do with the kids, it's all right there. And there’s details and photos if you need it.

Make this Christmas season your child’s very best ever with Celebrate from The Activity Room!

What about your teens?  Get them engaged in learning with Fundafunda Academy's Introduction to Game Programming.

game programming course

This is a self-paced class for grades 5 - 12 that introduces students to game programming. They will learn about game design, how to create game graphics and some basic computer logic.

All of FundaFunda Academy courses are creative and innovative, perfect for your teen who wants to explore and learn new things. They will also program an interactive greeting card.

Do you have children who would love to learn to draw?

Do you have children who would love to learn to

Unlike most art programs, Beyond the Stick Figure courses are not just a collection of projects, but is actually a course in art techniques.

These core techniques will give your child the confidence and ability to independently create masterpieces.

Join in the fun and do an Art Camp with your family! Just click open, and go.

Do you have young learners in your house?  Younger kids will have fun exploring the ocean and learning Spanish as they go.

Spanish Animals The Spanish Ocean Animals Printables Workbook by Spanish4Kiddos includes four worksheets for children to practice Spanish terms of ocean life.

Handwriting, fine-motor skills, and reading are all included in the fun!

Common core and NGSS aligned. Grade Level: K.

My daughter would have loved this Spanish workbook if it was available when she was a young one.

Or are you looking for something creative for your teen or pre-teen girl?

Teen Girl Fun Bundle

Check out the Super Bundle of Bookmarks and Cute Cards to the left!

You know, bookmarks and cards make awesome gifts for Christmas and other occasions.

And since they are designed to be printed, cut out and decorated:

The Super Bundle of Bookmarks and Cute Cards would be a perfect gift for a girl in your life who loves to create do-it-yourself crafts!  

Or are you looking for something to build a love of music in your family?  Music is so important for children and teens, don't you think?

Charlotte Mason Music                     
"A Year of Charlotte Mason Music Lessons" by Music in Our Homeschool is an online course that provides you with a gentle way to do music in your homeschool.

Each month you'll focus on two things: Composer Study and either a Folk Song or a Hymn.

Use coupon code STOCKINGSTUFFER to get $10 off!

(Coupon code expires 1/15/20.)

How about something for your young aspiring pianists? 

piano lessons at home

Have you seen the offerings from Joyfulnotes?  Your child will enjoy making his own music with Joyfulnotes Piano for Beginners

This is designed for children 5 to 8 years of age.

Engaging piano lessons delivered right to you for an amazingly affordable price. Now, your child can learn the joy of playing the piano anytime and anywhere.  

Let's Not Forget Mom

Are you a mom who is new to homeschooling?  

Homeschool Moms Want You to Know
Get an inside look into homeschooling with Sound Foundations Homeschool's Homeschool Moms Want You to Know!

This Amazon bestseller is written by real homeschool moms for moms just like you.

See what homeschooling looks like, get the information you need, and walk away renewed with inspiration.

A must-read for every prospective and new homeschool mom!

I wish I had had this when I was beginning our homeschooling journey.

This book is just like having coffee with other homeschooling moms!

For encouragement for us and our mom friends ... Take Courage, Moms! 

This inspirational book that will help you go deeper in your journey.

Be encouraged and inspired by our 30-day quote journal just for you.

This 64-page journal will take your quiet prayer time to a whole new level.

Go deeper with Take Courage by Homeschool in Florida journal prompts and beautiful writing space.

And lastly, have you seen the NEW edition of Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, from Betsy Sproger @ BJ's Homeschool?

Betsy has been homeschooling for over 14 years. Her daughter got into each of the colleges on her list, with scholarship offers, including a Tier One U.

 All of Betsy's tried and true tips for high school and college   both are gathered together in her new book!

 She not only helps you homeschool your teen but also makes   the process of getting into college easy to understand.

 Her book includes 12 high school planning printables, to   make your record-keeping easy.

 This book is recommended by: Lessa Scherrer, Certified College Counselor from College Inside Track:

"Betsy has a wealth of understanding and knowledge to share with the parents of college bound homeschoolers.  She provides support, encouragement and step-by-step advice on all aspects of the homeschool high school and college application process. This book is a must-read for parents considering homeschooling high school and for parents in the thick of the application process."  

Meryl, owner of the Funda Funda Online Academy says:

"I have read Betsy’s original version and it was great and I know the new edition of Homeschooling High School with College in Mind has even more information packed in it. This is a great book for a parent homeschooling a high schooler for the first time.

Betsy helped her own homeschooled daughter get accepted into each of the colleges on her list. And she received scholarship offers too!  Betsy helps you understand the choices you need to make for getting your teen into college.

The book includes 12 high school planning printables to make record-keeping a cinch!"

Paperback is on AMAZON @ $11.99


Kindle SALE on AMAZON - 30 % OFF 

Keep your nurturing homeschool style and showcase their  accomplishments to the colleges!

We all hope that this list of Stocking Stuffers is a help to you and inspires you in your holiday shopping for stocking stuffers --- ones that keep on giving!

May you have a blessed and memorable holiday season with your family.

Thanks for joining in our Stocking Stuffer Blog Hop!  What would you add to this list?

Share our 2019 Stocking Stuffers with your friends! 

And thanks for stopping by BJ's Homeschool,


Betsy is mom to her now college grad, whom she homeschooled through high school.  She blogs at BJ's Homeschool, about the early yearshighschool
collegegifted/2e and wrote -Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd Edition,   She offers homeschool help through messages at BJ's Consulting and has had some of her articles picked up by the Huffington Post.

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