Homeschool Record Keeping is NOT That Hard! - with these Ideas from 5 Veteran Homeschool Mamas

This article is about recording keeping for high school at home, as many families fear doing high school because of the record keeping involved.  Sharing today easy ways to do record keeping from 4 veteran homeschool mamas. Please see my disclosure policy on affiliate links. #homeschoolrecordkeeping #homeschoolhighschool

Keeping records in the early years was very simple in our homeschool.  I just used my homeschool planner to add the notes on what we did each week.  

That came in handy when we did informal annual assessments at the end of the year.  For that, I needed to summarize what we had done to share that with our assessment teacher.

When we hit the high school years, things got a lot more formal...

To make it easier, I created my own high school planning printables, starting in my daughter's 9th grade year.  I used these to record what we did, to save for later course descriptions.  

As we went along in our homeschool, I made more high school printables (link) for myself, for the other details involved in high school and getting into college.

  • College Planning - Entrance Requirements Form
  • Making Overall High School Plan
  • Curriculum Planning Sheet
  • High School Credit Record Form
  • Official Homeschool Transcript Form
  • Instructions for Transcript Form
  • Activities and Awards Form
  • Homemade Courses Form
  • Community Service Log
  • Writing the Personal College Essay Form
  • Record Keeping for Course Descriptions Form
  • College Reference Letter Request Form
  • PE Record Form

All of these high school homeschool planning forms are downloadable and available when you purchase the frugal Kindle version of my book, which is described below.

I created these forms when I helped my teen get into each of the colleges that she applied to, with scholarship offers.  A true blessing for her and for our family.

Does the record keeping involved make you think twice about homeschooling through high school?

Ann, from My Learning Table blog, says:

"Sadly, many of the homeschool moms in my community do not continue through high school...The number one reason I hear is that the whole idea seems too daunting, because of the record keeping involved...

But not only is homeschooling through high school possible, it really isn't that difficult to navigate...and it can be a very rewarding four years.  I did it and you can, too!  Homeschooling high school just got easier with Betsy's helpful guide."

But my book is not the only way to go for help in record keeping for your high schools.

My friend, Vicki, from 7 Sisters Homeschool, which offers lots of frugal homeschool courses in PDF format, has a helpful article on record-keeping.  I invite you to check it out here - How to Keep Records for Homeschool High School - An Authoritative Guide.

More Record Keeping Ideas from Veteran Homeschool Moms

 When do you get to see a glimpse of what other experienced homeschoolers do for record keeping?

Not only are there lots of ideas on record keeping for high school here,  BUT also 3 out of 4 of the authors have already graduated their teens and helped them get into college. 

I am happy to share that with you, written by the authors of The Curriculum Choice.  To reach all of our great record keeping ideas, just click below: 
Homeschool Record Keeping from Veteran Homeschool Moms

Record keeping is easy with their strategies. And please leave a comment about your favorite idea of theirs or another great one of yours! 

Have you seen my book yet?

Recommended by: Lessa Scherrer, Certified College Counselor from College Inside Track

"Betsy has a wealth of understanding and knowledge to share with the parents of college bound homeschoolers.  

She provides support, encouragement and step-by-step advice on all aspects of the homeschool high school and college application process. "

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  1. Just like your banking records, there are certain papers that are useful for you to stash away for the future when home schooling. It is helpful to put together a portfolio each year. And a scrapbook is a wonderful keepsake for your child.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Sandy. We love that we kept lots of keepsakes from our daughter's homeschooling years. SO many great memories. And having a portfolio can also come in handy at college admissions time. Some colleges do ask for that, as you know.

  2. Having taught in the public school system for over 40 years,I think homeschooling is a great alternative. The children I have met that have been homeschooled have all been amazing kids,very polite,knowledgeable and well rounded.

    1. Thank you Dale. I like that families have the choice of public school or homeschooling, and just want to encourage the families that choose homeschooling, to do a great job for their teens. Think of all the kids/teens that you have helped over your 40 years working as an educator!

  3. This sounds like something my daughter might be interested in, i'll have to share this post to my facebook. I do think if you are homeschooling nothing wrong with keeping records, to me its important.

    1. I agree. We loved keeping special art and projects through the years, plus her annual testing, etc. Then later, the record keeping that we did helped SO much during high school and of course with the college admissions process. Thanks, tisme143 for stopping by leaving your comments. And I appreciate your sharing it on Facebook. How nice of you!


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