Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas for Hands-on Learning Fun

Summary: Unique and frugal hands-on educational gift ideas for your kids, and some of us moms, too.  Fun #handsonlearning gifts for kids and middle schoolers. This post may included affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would use in our  own homeschool. Please see my disclosure policy. #homeschoolgifts

Do you love hands-on learning for your kids?  I gathered together my favorites for hands-on frugal gift ideas for your kiddos.  And they are educational, too.

1.  Hands-on Frugal Fun Art and Crafts Gifts

For your kids who love art, above are a bunch of ideas for all kinds of art activities, great for those on school break during December.

These ideas are not just for littles.  There are many for older kids and middle schoolers, too.

2.  Hands-on Frugal Science Fun/Gifts

Hands-on Learning is the best way for kids to learn scientific concepts. 

Included in this list are lots of science kits, box subscriptions and more that will teach your kids about the scientific method and more. 

These are such fun for any of your kids who love to experiment and try hands-on fun science activities. Plus they can serve as part of their science curriculum easily.

Would you like more fun ideas for homeschooling through the holidays?  My friend, Vicki has a lot them right here - Homeschooling Through the Holidays.

3.  Encouragement for Moms

Are you thinking about homeschooling your teen through high school?  How about some encouragement for that.

I wrote this book to support and help other high school moms who come after me, which is on SALE for the Kindle version at only $3.99 for Black Friday, Cyper Monday, etc.

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....From a certified college counselor and mom to 3 homeschooled grads, Lessa Scherrer

Whether your teens are in public school or not, my book on college is full of tips for getting your teen into the college of their choice.

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Included are 17 chapters, written in an approachable tone, to make the whole college admissions process easier.

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