Homeschool High School Transcripts FREEBIE - A Step by Step Guide

Summary:  Making your transcripts are not hard to do with this guide.  I researched top sites to put this together.  And transcripts are really just a record of what your teen has been doing and studying.  

Are you new to homeschooling high school and wondering what homeschool transcripts are all about?

Or are you already in the midst of homeschooling your teen, and are just looking for some direction on making their homeschool high school transcipts?

You will find many answers to your transcripts questions here. 

When my own teen was starting high school at home, I went about doing some research on that, and came up with a step by step guide for me to follow.  

It was a help to me and I hope that it will be a help to you, too.  My daughter got into each of the colleges that she applied to with her homeschool transcripts.  

Did you know that homeschool transcripts are being very widely accepted across the U.S. by the colleges?  

Knowing what to put on my daughter's homeschool transcripts was a big part of my teen getting into college.  

So today, I am offering my free PDF Guide to Homeschool Transcripts to you, as a FREEBIE download.

It is a step-by-step guide to making your own homeschool transcript for your teen.

I invite you to click here to get yours:  Guide to Homeschool Transcripts.

I offer much more on homeschooling high school and getting into college on my blog here.

That will take you to my high school articles.  Then if you scroll down just below them, you will reach those on college.

Are you wondering what is involved in preparing your teen for college?

My book on that topic is below, and includes helps for setting up your high school at home, as well as how to deal with college.

It is on AMAZON, both kindle and paperback. 

KINDLE is 25% OFF!
Do you need an accredited transcript?  Or accredited courses?

No, colleges are accepting homeschool transcripts all over the U.S. The colleges also do not ask homeschoolers to complete accredited coursework.  
Your homeschool transcript will show all the credits that your student earned, and none of them need to be accredited.  Some colleges so ask for Course Descriptions, which is a chapter in my book/kindle. 

There are 16 other chapters on high school and how to deal with the college application process for homeschool grads.

Planning printables are included for:

-  Making a 3 or 4 year high school plan

-  Curriculum planning

-  Credit recording form 

-  Transcript form with step -by-step instructions

-  College entrance requirements 

-  P.E. Form

-  Course descriptions recording form and more.

 I invite you to click here for more information on my book/kindle. And consider pinning this article for future reference.

Do your teens like to learn through games?

They might just love this game oriented way to learn all about the college application process.  It is called the HIGH SCHOOL CHALLENGE.

We are also participating in it this year!

My friend, Meryl, owner of Funda Funda Academy, is host and is sharing tons of resources for high school moms plus tips for homeschooling high school and preparing for college.

Teens can win Target or Amazon gift cards - or the grand prize of $150 just for doing fun assignments that prepare them for college
Registration costs $5 - but everyone is eligible to win the $5 back at the very minimum. But there are lots of better prizes for students who put in a little effort.
For more information, click here.

My best to your and your precious kids and teens.

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Betsy is mom to her now college grad daughter, whom she homeschooled since she was in K. 

She blogs at BJ's Homeschool, about the early yearshighschool

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