Homeschool Your Teen - Transcripts, Planning with Free and FRUGAL Resources

Would you like some freebies to help you get started with your high school at home?  How about a BOOK SALE on my Kindle GUIDE to HIGH SCHOOL?

Hi, I am Betsy from BJ's Homeschool, a long time homeschooler, who homeschooled my daughter through high school, then helped her get into each of the colleges that she applied to with scholarship offers.

 I am so happy to be offering my homeschool freebies from blog at BJ'S HOMESCHOOL, plus my kindle book sale. 


Have you already been homeschooling your teen?

Does the thought of making transcripts led to overwhelm?  It did for me, when I was starting out.  
That is why I put together my guide to making your Homeschool Transcripts, which I offer as a freebie to you.

Making your transcripts are not hard to do with this guide.  I researched top sites to put this together.  And transcripts are really just a record of what your teen has been doing and studying.  

Are you looking for more information on high school?  Do you wonder what kind of curriculum you would need to do high school?  And how to go about getting your teen going doing it?

Are you looking for more  tips and helps for high school?  To give you more of an idea of what is involved?  This download comes to you directly, without any need to subscribe or share your email at all.

 High School Help

This FREEBIE is something to check out and save for later reference, too.  More information on this freebie is here - 

What's in High School Help? Just click this link and it gives you all the info.

It does take you through all the important things you need to know for high school.

And it really is not that hard!!

It is a easy-to-read guide includes 12+ Downloadable High School Planning Printables, plus chapters on:
  • homeschool transcripts
  • assigning high school credits
  • making your own homemade courses
  • high school curriculum
  • college scholarships
  • my Common Application guide
  • course descriptions

Are you wanting to see what the book/kindle is like? 

4. FREE Chapter of my Book 

For this freebie, no need to sign in.  The link above takes you to the free PDF directly.

It explains how to find and then deal with your teen's college entrance requirements, and also shows you how my book is written.  Easy to read, and full of tried and true tips.

We started homeschooling when my daughter was 4, as she was so ready to learn and we wanted to teach her at home, to give her that extra attention and to teach our family values and more to her.

So my blog also includes articles on the early years, below and also the middle school years, too.

Do you have younger kids in your home, too?

Click the link THE EARLY YEARS for:

  • how to get started homeschooling
  • FRUGAL homeschool elementary curriculum
  • homeschooling kiddos with ADHD, or Sensory Issues
  • and more!
Does your child struggle with handwriting?  Or are you looking for a frugal way to teach it? 

As both a homeschooler and a retired O.T, I put together a bumch of specific, easy to do activities for handwriting.  And they are FUN for your kids!  And made them into a FREEBIE!

Playful ways to help with handwriting!

Thanks for stopping by BJ's Homeschool, 


Betsy is Christian, veteran homeschooler, and mom to her now college grad, whom she homeschooled 
since the early years. 

Betsy shares on  Facebookpins at BJ's Homeschool Pinterest.  You can also reach her on BJ's Twitter.

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