Preparing (my heart) for Homeschool Graduation

This week was all about finishing up our weekly studies, and helping my teen get ready for her youth conference, coming up this weekend.  So far, it has been a regular kind of week. The studies went well...

Intro to Small Business

We are using SOS for this, and it focuses on financing, with an intro to accounting. SOS is all self contained, which means that the lessons are graded for me, through their software.  Yes!  (This was an elective for my teen, not required.)

  Film Production -

This is our homemade course. My teen has finished her main project, called
"The girl on the Carousel".  So she worked on editing her next project called "Democracy - The future is Ours".   She got some friends to help her film this video last week, as a "psa" to encourage participation in our democracy.  

BTW, we are using Pinnacle Studio 16, for this course, which comes with instructions, and is working out well so far.  It is an editing software.


Our goal was to finish with Julius Caesar this week, including related essay questions.  Goal completed!   My favorite quote from JC is:  "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves."

Spring Homeschool Dance -
Tuesday night was my teen's spring dance. Many homeschool groups offer these events. I was so happy that my daughter would get to go to a prom this year.  (That comes in May.)  

 Prom - That means we are close to graduation.  It can't be!  

Then on Wednesday, something came in the mail.....

My teen's graduation cap and gown......Why did this come so early?  It is only the first of!  

It was a package from our homeschool association, WHO - Washington Homeschool Organization.
They put on a beautiful graduation ceremony for seniors each year.  I will write about this more, as the time approaches......but I have to admit, that time is approaching, for my daughter to graduate, and start commuting to college next year...

My husband and I are, well.....getting very nostalgic.  We are all about sharing favorite memories with each other, and with our teen...( she is even letting us do that now! )

So, please excuse me, lol -- for sharing a few of the highlights from my kid's very early years:

My very active preschooler! Who soon learned that she loved to write, among other things.

Graduation details have been easy......Set up a graduation event, invite friends, etc.  These details are all so special and important, and I'll write more about them later,.....

But today, I am focusing on preparing myself......and my heart....and that is not so easy.  So how do I prepare my heart for her graduation?  

I did find my answer, but not in a very likely place----I found my answer in a pizza.....and in a tradition that we started oh, so many years ago.

Special 1 on 1 Time 

My teen and I have always made some special time together, through the years.  Time away from homeschooling, and the regular details of life.  


We started with park days as a toddler,  just the two of us.  Later, we would go out the lunch, just the two of us, at the park or a restaurant.  Then we started taking afternoon photography trips together, which cameras in hand.  

Through this 1 on 1 time, I have gotten to know my daughter as an individual, who is different from me in many ways.  And she has gotten to know me, more than just mom, as a person with my own interests and likes.

I am so thrilled that she is discovering her talents, and building good relationships with her friends...and she is excited about college

And we are privileged to have a front row seat for this, to watch her learn and grow, and develop into the person she was always meant to be....

So, Thursday night, before the youth conference, I took my daughter out for a mom and me pizza. Then I sent her off to her youth conference the next morning.... 

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  1. Betsy - what a lovely post! The highlights of the cap and gown arriving and the preschool pictures! What wonderful homeschool years and memories you have together. Love the mom and me time. And prom coming too. So many big milestones for you two. Thanks for all the encouraging you offer fellow homeschoolers.

    1. Thanks, Hodgepodgemom, for your nice comments and for stopping by! It looks like Prom will be our next big event!

  2. Betsy. That cap and gown arrival pic made my heart skip a beat. Wow. Time really has a way of getting away from us! What a feeling of accomplishment!

    Enjoy the weekend

    1. Thanks, Melissa, for your kind comments! We did have a nice weekend, with the house all to ourselves, and time for just the two of us, over a warm pot of coffee! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Betsy, I hope after you sweet one graduates you continue to Mentor Mama's like me who are still fighting the good fight and trying to finish strong like you are. It all goes by so fast, it's hard to believe. Blessings, K

  4. Thanks, Kyle Suzanne, for your kind comment! I will be here at BJ's Homeschool, blogging away and having fun, next year as well, while my daughter takes on college. It is so nice to meet you!


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