BJ's Best Boards for Hands-On Learning and High School, too.

Do you like to collect favorite pins for your homeschool, like I do?  With so much out there on the web in the way of resources, new curricula, etc, I tended to get overwhelmed with all the many choices.  So I began to collect my favorite hands-on learning activities and ideas onto my pinterest boards.

 Today, I'd like to share my best pinterest boards with you.  They are full of hands-on learning ideas and activities, and  reviews of my favorite project oriented curricula, too.

I am picky about what I pin.  Some of my blogging buddies pin everything that they come across. For me, I only pin things that I used or would use in my own homeschool.  So for most of my pinterest boards, you won't find tons of pins to scroll through, but just what I consider to be the best for my family.

Pinterest is such a great way to collect new ideas and resources for your homeschool.

I have boards for all of the season of homeschooling, as I had the pleasure, and of course, the hard work, too, of homeschooling my kiddo from preschool all the way to college.  As a homeschooling family of one gifted 2e child, I include two boards specifically related to that, as well. 

During elementary and the middle school years, my daughter had some ADHD type struggles as well as sensory processing issues and auditory learning challenges, too.  You will find a number of things to pin on those topics, in my special needs board, and information on dysgraphia on my handwriting board.

I include lots of pins from my fellow homeschool authors at The Curriculum Choice, as well as others from around the web.

 So let's get started, first thing first, with my board for preschoolers and early learning.

EARLY LEARNING FUN! - for preschool and kindergarten

Awe, my favorite years of all!  Here are my best posts on early learning with links to my favorite early learning resources.  As a former preschool teacher and a mom, I highly recommend these hands-on learning favorites for your young learners.

ELEMENTARY - HANDS-ON! - for kids ages 6 - 11

In the elementary years, we focused a lot on hands-on learning, and that included fun projects like knitting, hand sewing and other great ways to build in the fun and  improve attention span, too.  Here I share my favorite resources for project based learning, from me and my blogging friends too.


Are you looking for new ideas for your middle schoolers?   These are the years when our kids are learning who they are, and are developing their personalities and favorite interests.  


High School  - My board on high school includes tons of ideas for planning, organizing, choosing curricula, rockin' electives and more!  I collected my best tips for newbie homeschoolers and veterans who are getting started homeschooling high school,  wondering how to assigning high school credit, looking for good electives and activities for their teens and more.

College Bound TeensThis same board above includes all of my best tips for getting your teen ready for college and helping them get in, too.  I include special tips that is important to homeschooled teens who are applying to college, such as how to share their accomplishments to the colleges, and all those pesky little details, like SAT prep and more.  How to homeschool high school with college in is not that hard!

HANDWRITING HELPS - Help for teaching handwriting and tips for kids who struggle 

Are you looking for a fun, low stress way to teach handwriting to your kids?  Or do you have a struggling handwriting in your house?  Or a child with dysgraphia?  Here are my best resources and tips for each of these handwriting needs.


Do you have a child with ADHD, ADD, sensory processing disorder, or other special learning needs? My daughter struggled with some these learning issues, and I want to encourage others who have kids with special needs, too.  The 1 on 1 of homeschooling can be such a gift to kids with special needs.  Here are my favorite resources for you, from me and my friends, and from my background in OT, too.

This week has been a wonderful one in our house.  My daughter, now in college, was available and for our holiday tradition of joining in the Argosy Holiday cruise.  It is a short ride along Puget Sound, with a choir who sings and is along for the ride.  Here's a picture of the boat, taken from the shore. They always have a nice bonfire there, too, each year.

We have been doing this as a family tradition, since my daughter was 10.  I got a picture as she and my hubby stepped off the boat.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions with your kids?  I love reading your comments.

I am honored to be a part of the iHomeschool Network!  

I just joined recently.  This is a part of one of own iHN projects, linking you to other great homeschool resources.  To reach all the other awesome pinterest boards of iHomeschool Network, click here.

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Betsy is mom to her 20 year old college student whom she homeschooled from day one.  She blogs at BJ's Homeschool, about the early yearshigh school & college and wrote a new e-book for College Bound teens.  She offers free homeschool help and messages at BJ's Consulting.

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