Our Favorite Homeschool High School Curriculum for Grammar

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Summary:  High school homeschool grammar resources can be hard to find.  Many teens need review in grammar as part of their homeschool high school English courses.  This includes a review of our favorite homeschool grammar resource, for middle and high schoolers, using an innovative approach.  Engilsh 2600 Review

Are you looking for a grammar book for your high schooler?  Or do you have a teen who struggles with grammar?

Do they have trouble with a traditional grammar program, or just dislike it a lot?  How about a grammar program that is fun? Did I just say fun??

 When we were looking around for a grammar program for my high schooler, we were not expecting to find something fun. I wanted something that was more approachable than memorizing grammar terms and definitions as presented in a standard grammar text.

My daughter would get bogged down with the definitions and the long list of questions to answer after each term was introduced in regular grammar programs.

And when we found English 2600, my daughter was delighted...about grammar!   This program offers a series of books, for middle and high schoolers.


No memorizing, no sentence diagramming – can't get better than that!  The way it is presented actually makes it like a quiz game and the positive reinforcement all along the way makes it FUN!

It taught the grammar rules in a an easy step by step way, applying them to sample sentences right away.  There was immediate positive reinforcement too!

SO how does this program work?

Yes, it looks a bit weird but my daughter figured out how to use it quickly with the helpful instructions.  You just go from one "frame" to another, following the lesson that is so cleverly laid out.

Each step, or "frame" poses a question and then gives the answer on the next page, so the student can quickly self-correct, then go on to the next  frame.  Step by step.........please click here to reach my review.

gram 2

When my daughter was finished with this program, she not only knew the grammar rules, she was already applying them to her writing assignments without having to think about it.

 It got into her brain!

By the time that my daughter got to college, her grammar skills were already up to college level.  She was able to apply it to her college level essays and did well with them.

SO I highly recommend this grammar program.  For more information or to purchase any of the books in this series, please click here.

That will also give your info on which book to use for middle school and which one fits high schoolers.  Or for more information on this helpful grammar resource, please click here to reach my review.

Are you Homeschooling High School already?  

My book will make your high school planning so much easier.   It is based on my experience homeschooling high school and then helping my teen get accepted to multiple colleges, including a tier two U.

If you are applying to college next year, be sure to get your FASFA forms in early.  That is the way that the colleges give our merit aid and it is not based on financial aid at all. They come out in October.

My book is a do-it-yourself guide to high school, with exclusive high school planning forms that go along with each chapter.  

It lays out everything from making your homeschool transcript, finding curricula, writing course descriptions, assigning high school credit, dealing with references as a homeschooler and much more.

 Homeschooling High School with College in Mind 
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Here are the chapters:

Researching College Entrance Requirements
Planning High School with College in Mind 
Choosing High School Curriculum
Assigning High School Credit
Making Your Transcripts (Calculating the GPA, etc)
Electives and College
Writing the College Essay
Course Descriptions and Reference Letters
Preparing your Teen for College Writing
Don't Forget the FUN!

I am putting out my new second edition soon, with 4 more new chapters.

A printable for each step and a fillable and editable transcript form, the kind that the colleges are used to seeing.

It was reviewed by Lit Picks.com:

"For parents new to homeschooling, this book is full of ideas, examples, and helpful advice. Since homeschooling is about having choices, we like that the author highlights how her family made their decisions and sorted through their options every year. This book helped me visualize what a long-range homeschooling plan could look like, and I would recommend this book to any homeschool student and parent."  Lit Pick Review

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Betsy is mom to her now rising college grad, whom she homeschooled from preK through high school.  She blogs at BJ's Homeschool, about the early yearshigh school & college and wrote - Homeschooling High School with College in Mind.   She offers free homeschool help through messages at BJ's Consulting

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  1. The entire information is really good and some good insights available. Looking forward to do more clicks.

  2. PLEASE don't disappear. I'll be needing you next year, when we start high school. I wish I had found you sooner, but we just started a new grammar program and I want to give it a chance before switching. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lysette! I am here to stay, lol! Now that my daughter is a senior in college, I have lots of time to blog and keep up my website, as I want it to be a place where families can find good quality homeschool resources and my book on high school and college, Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, if they have college bound teens. My daughter sure loved this grammar program. Good luck on yours! Ours is not the only good one out there for sure. Have a good year!


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