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Summary:  Homeschooling to college just takes planning, but it takes more than just looking up the college entrance requirements for your teen.  This includes a free download on planning for college, and how to make a 4 year homeschool high school plan for your teen.  It is not hard for homeschoolers to get into college.  It just takes knowing the important steps needed for doing that.

There is a lot of information out there on college, aimed at homeschoolers.  But do they really know what homeschoolers need to get into college?

We homeschooled our daughter through high school and helped her get into college.  She was accepted by each of the colleges on her list.  She went to her top choice U, and graduated last spring. 

She did not struggle in college.  Actually she made Dean's List her first quarter.

I am sharing this just to encourage you.  If you have a college bound teen in your house, BE encouraged.

Homeschooling can be a great way to prepare for college.  We as homeschoolers, are used to planning.  We have done that each year for our kids.

Planning for high school with college in mind is really no different, except for one important thing.....

Now your teen has their college entrance entrance requirements to fulfill.  How to find out your teen's college requirements is discussed in depth in chapter one of my book, "Researching and Getting Started".

I made it into this FREE download...just click here

Some suggest that all we need to do is to check the college websites for their freshman entrance requirements.  

Is that right?

Actually the answer is NO 

There are just two more pieces of information that are important to have.  And they are not hard to find....!

It is also important when preparing for college to also:

1.  Find out if there are any special homeschool requirements for your likely colleges, and many colleges still have them, but they are not hard to deal with and.....

2.   Check to see what the colleges require re testing -  SAT or ACT - and also - Do they also require the writing portion of the test or not?

Most colleges still do require the SAT or the ACT, but there are many that do not require the writing portion.

And if they don't require that writing portion, then your teen doesn't need to do it!  We did not need to do the writing portion of the SAT, and that was great news for our teen!

More on that is in the FREE download mentioned above. Just click here

This download includes

- how to research college websites 
- the typical requirements for different types of colleges 
- tips for finding out about homeschool requirements
- how to find out what test is required SAT or ACT, or none!
- whether the writing portion of the SAT or ACT is required or not!  

Once you have this information from my (free download), then you have all 3 pieces of information that you need for your teen's first step in planning for college.  

And you are ready to make your best guesses for high school, and create your own 4 year plan.  If you want to.  It depends on your style.

Another important thing to consider for homeschooling to college, is high school electives.  Most colleges look for some high school electives and activities on their applicant's college application.

High School Electives and Activities

Colleges want to hear about their applicant's interests and special skills.  And often, your teen's activities can also lead to that all important college recommendation letter. 

Would you like more tips on high school?  Do you have a college bound teen in your house?  

Purchasing my book also helps me to continue blogging about high school and college topics, to keep us all up to date on the latest news re homeschooling to college.

You are also invited to join my encouraging group for high school moms, called at Homeschooling through High School.  

Lots of moms just like you there, sharing triumphs and challenges.  Get your questions answered there, too.  

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Betsy is mom to her now college grad, whom she homeschooled through high school.  She blogs at BJ's Homeschool, about the early yearshigh schoolcollege, special needs/2e and wrote - Homeschooling High School with College in Mind.   She offers free homeschool help through messages at BJ's Consulting and has had her articles picked up by the Huffington Post.

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