Homeschool College Visits and What to Look For

What to include in your homeschooled high schooler's college visits, either in real life or virtually.  And how to decide on a college, after helping your homeschooler get into college. #homeschoolhighschool #getintocollege

This is a photo from our first college visit.  My daughter was so nervous, but excited, too.

I am so pleased that my teen will have a choice of she got into more than one!  So we are looking for the best fit, for a college that is within commuting distance from our home.  

We will be making more college visits, in the next few months. We decided to make a list of what my daughter wanted to see there, the second time around.

Making College Visits and Asking Questions

We have called the admissions office with our questions many times, and the staff has been friendly and available to help us.  

I was nervous at first, but they were kind and helpful.  Sometimes it was a matter of leaving a message, until they could get back to us.  Don't hesitate to call them with your questions.

Note - This was done pre-covid.  

We did college visits to each of our local colleges.  I was so worried about what to ask, but really, the college visits are just for getting a feel of the college, it's culture, and the campus layout, etc. 

We asked to visit a college class, and that was very helpful.  College students led each of our tours, and they were great to as us around campus. 

We were not asked to show our transcripts or any portfolios at our college visits.  I recommend making them fun, that is what we did!
They were key to helping my daughter decide which college she wanted to attend.

Our College Visit List:

Go on a campus tour

Meet with the admission counselor

Sitting in on a class

Meeting with someone from the dance dept, or other special interest

Having lunch on campus (just for fun!)

College visits can be just the thing to let your teen learn more about their options, and to find a good fit.  

And they are such a wonderful thing to look forward to....and my teen is developing her confidence by doing these visits!

We will be setting these up, just by calling the admissions office, and talking to the counselors there.  

We have found them to be friendly and helpful with our many questions.   

Aiming towards college, added more flavor and excitement to our high school years at home. 

And we were still able to keep our eclectic homeschooling style. 

To read about Making Your College Choice, please click here.

How was your week, in your house?  I love reading your comments.

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  1. Such valuable advice on what to ask when going on college visits.

    1. Thanks, Austismland Penny, for stopping by! I wish you the best on your college visits.

    2. Thanks, Austismland Penny, for stopping by! I wish you the best on your college visits.


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