Stay-cation in Seattle

This week, we all took off, for a week of rest, hiking nature trails, spending time at the beach, and generally relaxing from our work to help my teen prepare for college this fall.  And we have had sunny and warm weather here, in the Pacific NW!

So today, I am sharing what we did on stay-cation, with links and resources for those of you who also live in our neck of the woods.

Stay-cation in Seattle

I love stay-cations as they don't involve packing, reservations, or even arranging for someone to pick up our mail.  Talk about stress free and convenient!

This week was all about stay-cationing  in the greater Seattle area!  There are so many things to do here in the Pacific NW, with museums, zoos, farmer's markets, the Space Needle, the Pacific Science Center and more.

I will share links to these field trip ideas in a later post, as this time, we focused on all out-of-door activities, in nature.

I wanted to do relaxing things that would help my recent homeschool graduate de-stress, and the same for myself, and my husband, too...  The last few months have been busy for us, with homeschool graduation, end of the year picnics, and all the getting ready for college things, too, lol!

We all wanted to get out in the country, and breathe the fresh air, so we started off by visiting our favorite U-Pick farm- Duris Farms


It is located in Puyallup, Washington, and has been there for over 40 years.  Nothing like feeling like being out in the country, close to the earth, not have to go far to get there, and bringing home 2 crates of raspberries, the strawberries were done in June...

Afterwards, we decided to walk down the road a bit, and saw Mount Rainer peaking out again....We passed by llamas on our way back...

There is something about being out in the country, that always gives me a sense of peace and beauty.  

That afternoon, we made freezer jam.  This has become a tradition for our family, and we try to make enough to last the year.  We just used the Pectin that is made for freezer jam, and followed the instructions.  Then we added one more step.  We heated up the jam mixture, in the oven at around 120 degrees, for 30 minutes, to help set it.  Here's my daughter, hard at work...

Washington State U-Picks

For a guide to U-Picks in Washington State, click on  Pick Your Own - Washington State.

Also, here's a few more, for the greater Seattle area...

1.  Remlinger Farms - Carnation, includes steam trial rides, pony rides, farm animals.

2.  Whitehorse Meadows Farm - Arlington, offers blueberry Upick, and Day's Adventure, all about making a fun day-ation in their beautiful river valley.

3.  Linbo Blueberry Farm   - Puyallup, offers U-Pick with classical music, and this 70 yo farm is a natural blog, great science here.

The next day, we spent at the beach at Dash Point State Park, and found wildflowers....and this beach.

Dash Point park if full of trails and a forest to discover....

....and it is only 45 minutes out of Seattle.

 State Parks in Washington

For information on all the state parks in Washington, please go to the Guide to Washington State Parks.  All you need is an annual Discover pass that will get you into all of them.  Or day passes are available, too.

The following day, we went for a ride, then happened upon a nature trail, that ran along the Kent Golf  Course.  This trail, goes along the golf course a bit, then follows the Green River, and connects up with the Green River Trail . This trail is a 19.6-mile (31.5 km) pedestrian and bicycle trail in King County. 

Links to Nature Trails

If you want a boat ride afterwards, click on  Boat rentals in King County

Next week, it's back to our summer routine, but we always build in time for another road trip, or nature walk, along the way....

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  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! I am on the opposite side of the country, but we used to visit Washington often for vacations when I was growing up. Lots of great things to do and see there. Enjoyed your post - I'm visiting from the Homeschool Mother's Weekly Journal.


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