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This page is full of a collection of my best tutorials on #homeschoolinghighschool and getting into college.  Including help for: planning, curriculum, assigning credit, transcripts, #100highschoolelectives, plus how to get your homeschooled teen into college.  #gettingintocollege #bjhighschool 

Are you considering homeschooling your high schooler or have already begun doing that?  

Are you concerned about college?

I have written about homeschooling high school and getting into college for years now.   

I began as I was helping my teen get into each of the colleges that she applied to, with scholarship offers.

This article is a collection of my tutorials on that, including:

  • high school planning
  • choosing college bound curriculum
  • assigning high school credit
  •  transcripts, 
  •  100 high school electives
  •  homeschool speech and debate
  •  a day in the life of high school at home
  •  plus how to get your homeschooled teen into college. 

Today I am releasing my best articles in this collection for you.

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Here at  BJ's Homeschool, my husband and I homeschooled our daughter all the way, and we are so glad that we did.  

Homeschooling it gives you and your teen, a chance to be together, side by side, as they enter the all important years, and begin to explore their future possibilities.

I found that being there, as my daughter grew into a young adult, was priceless. 

Let's get started.  First, with planning tips for high school: 
4 Steps to Planning High School @ Home  Here is my guide to planning for the high school years....

Our favorites, plus tips for meeting college admissions requirements.

 Here are 3 ways to do just that.  We did a lot of different kinds of learning, and all of it counts!

 What should be included in your high school transcripts?  What colleges are looking for.

Building Up our Teens Teens need to know they are important, and that they have special gifts to offer.  

BJ's Homeschool - Our Journey Towards College: Finding the Play in our Days!

Finding the Play in our High School Days 
This article is linked to 100 High School Electives

What is the best way to share electives with the college?

and Life Schooling

With links to where to build leadership skills, through activities and volunteer opportunities.

Building Teen Relationships  - Easing transitions for our teens and ourselves.

The Value of Homeschooling High School  links to your FREE High School Helps PDF

Living Literature and Literary Analysis - Oak Meadow English

One of our favorite living lit curriculum and how it helped my daughter to expand her narrations and essay writing, with 
creative questions. 
Homeschool Speech and Debate

Links to activities and frugal resources for developing leadership skills in your teen, like the colleges are looking for.

Get Your Teen into College in 5 Easy Steps

- The story of how my teen was accepted into one of our premier state's 4 year colleges, and later three more.

Don't miss this one!

What to do, virtually or in real life, and what to look for, with help to make your list.

Here is one of my most popular articles, that I usually never share, except in 
my book.

100 ideas for High School Electives.


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Tips for transcripts, accredited or homeschooled?, plus how to prepare for College Writing and more.

 5 Tips for Getting into College  

Above shares some of the key steps that we took in our journey towards college...don't forget to pin them for your use.

8 Tips for Getting into College

I wrote this article after my teen got accepted into the top state college in our state.  


 A Week in my High School Life @ BJ's Homeschool
  If you are new to high school at home, here is how it might look.

A Rooster and a Prom Dress - with resources for finding a homeschool prom for your teen.

Celebrating graduation was special, and a little bit hard for me. But little did I know, those special moments would continue, and even become fuller and richer.

Homeschool Graduation Ideas  - Here's how we celebrated, with lots of ideas for your teen....There are so many different ways to honor your graduate, with links and resources, too.
  We at BJ's Homeschool are Washington State homeschoolers

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After helping my homeschooled high schooler get into each of the colleges she applied to, I wrote this guide:

Paperback is at Amazon $11.99

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  1. High School is still a long ways off for us, but I love hearing about others who have chosen to homeschool all the way through!

    1. Thank you, Alison W. I hope hearing about our story,going from high school to college, is an inspiration to you. My best for your journey,

  2. Very inspirational! Thank you for sharing this over at Bloggers Spotlight Linky Party! Hope to see you again :) Pinned!

    1. Wonderful, Cristina Mandeville, from the Blogger's Spotlight Linky Party! I will be heading over there again, very soon!!


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