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There is so much more to homeschooling high school than core studies. Our teens want to explore the world around them, follow their interests, and delve into new subjects, as their hearts lead them. 

And that's where the high school electives come in!  

There's nothing better than watching your child or teen delve into a subject of interest, and watch that wonderful spark as it is ignited!  And homeschooling is the ideal arena for our teens to begin to find and develop their special interests....through their high school electives.  

Here's what we did for activities and electives:  

I encouraged my daughter to explore her interests and to try out different activities that she might be interested in.  Isn't that what homeschooling is about anyway?  

Assisting in a Science Class

In middle school, my daughter was particularly interested in science, so when an opportunity to assist in a science class,we set that up for her.  My daughter developed confidence through this experience.  

The  teacher helped her to assist with the science labs, and lead one class by herself each semester.  She liked doing this, but decided that she didn't want to become a teacher after all!  But that she wanted to explore being a leader in another way..., and maybe not in science...

Irish Stepdancing

My teen started irish dance in 3rd grade, and then continued with it through high school.  This was an interest of hers, and her friend was in the class.  

She took irish stepdancing until 17, then took a modern dance class.  Modern dance was also a help in our homeschool, as it was a great way to get in PE.  These activities can be counted for PE credit!

Video Production   

My daughter wanted to learn how to make her own videos, so we just made our own course for that.  It was easy. We just kept track of the hours that spent researching and making videos. 

It was the most fun activity that I had with my teen during her senior year!  It developed her skills in photography and videomaking, and  helped her to develop her organizational skills as well.  


My daughter loved volunteering at our local Museum of Flight, for a couple of summers.  She worked with others to make a video, and helped with their camp program.  Volunteering is such a great way for teens to gain experience, and our college choices loved to hear about her volunteer efforts.  

This experience included counselor training, which got my teen interested in developing her leadership skills further.  There are so many places for a teen to volunteer.  Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and community Parks Departments also offer many counselor-in-training programs.

Youth and Government

When my daughter wanted to develop her leadership skills, we heard about a Youth and Government delegation that was led by a homeschooling mom, in our area.  

So my daughter joined,  and ran for office, starting with secretary, then later served as committee chair, then VP. What great experience for a teen!

She also went, with her delegation, to district and state events, where she got to serve in other roles as well.  

All dressed up to participate in the Youth Mock Legislature.

Teen Pack is another great leadership opportunity, which offers classes, workshops, and a national assembly, to equip teens to become leaders in politics, and in the community.

Speech and Debate - The NCFCA is a Christian organization that offers a variety of competitive opportunities to learn and practice speech and debate.
There are so many places to volunteer and learn leadership skills in our communities.  

Parks Depts. have youth boards, which give teen a chance to give input to their recreation programs. Then there is the YMCA, YWCA, Scouts, church and co-op activities.   

What are your teens interested in?  What are your favorite high school electives? 

Are you already homeschooling your teen?  Below is my guide to homeschooling high school, with tips for getting into college, too.

For more information on homeschool high school electives, click here, for the Authoritative Guide to Electives for Homeschooling High School, full of links to frugal high school elective courses for your teen.

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  1. I love the diversity of what she chose! So awesome!

    1. Thanks, Branson Merrill, and thanks for stopping by! I enjoyed watching her, and loved going along for the ride. Our kids know what they want to try and explore!


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