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Summary:  Homeschooling is a viable educational alternative. Homeschooling offered our family many benefits including  allowing for nature study, building strong family relationships, and life long interests.  5.  It also can teach 2e kids that it is alright to make mistakes.  

Here at BJ's Homeschool, I usually share about our homeschooling activities, academics and the like.  But today, I'd like to share something different....I want to focus on something that I am very thankful for.

With my daughter now graduated from college and working her first after college job, I can see all the benefits that homeschooling has brought to her and to our family, much more clearly than I could when we were in the thick of things!
There are so many reasons why I am thankful for having homeschooled her for 15 years.  

And in honor of Thanksgiving, I have also gathered up some of my family's favorite photos from our nature road trips....

Are you a nature-oriented family, too?

For Thanksgiving last year, my husband and I got together with our daughter and her friend, and enjoyed a wonderful meal together. (Our extended family is a continent away..)

We did an ethnic celebration this year.  You see, my daughter's favorite food is east indian food. Every week, when we could afford it, I would take my daughter to our local indian restaurant for lunch.  


When she was little, my daughter who has some sensory issues, was a very, very picky eater.  All she wanted to eat was soft foods, like macaroni and cheese, every day.  But she learned to like rice.  So I often took her to our little east indian restaurant, where she enjoyed her rice, and gradually added in other foods, too, like chicken curry.  

You see, it was also a soft food. This helped her to expand her food choices so well, that it became one of our favorite homeschool traditions!

I am thankful that I could build in activities during our homeschool day, that met these individual needs, with food, and everything else. 

And the fact that my daughter was a picky eater, ended up adding a lot of  variety of foods for our family.  Above, is one of my daughter's new favorites, tandori chicken.  

And what does she want to do in the fall...but go on a "field trip" to pick out a pumpkin...at the same place we used to go to for our fall homeschool field trip.....


Nature Road Trips - I love how homeschooling gave us ample time to explore my daughter's interests, and to pass on our love of nature...

We gave my daughter a camera, when she was 8....

....and she's been taking pictures ever since.  I loved teaching her about this favorite hobby of mine, through the years.  It even became a high school elective.


I also love that my husband was a part of our daughter's education, from the start.  She still seeks him out for his wise counsel, as she decides on possible life tracks, and future possibilities.

Driving practice became a special time for talks with my teen.  And somehow doing short nature drives helped my daughter to feel comfortable to share her heart with me.


I love taking pictures of the trees.....tall and serene....and I passed my love of photography onto my daughter.  It is still a passion of hers.  She loves taking photos of the glorious colors in the fall....

I am thankful that my daughter still wants to do nature photography trips with us.  Sometimes to the city.......

Other times all the way out to our favorite rivers and streams....

Even stopping to watch the salmon come back to to their home to spawn.

That was one of our favorite fall traditions....to watch the salmon spawn.  

I am so grateful that this love of nature is still strong within her....It's in her heart.


Homeschooling taught my daughter, not only the love of learning, but also to know that she could make mistakes, too..........

She tends to be a perfectionist, like her mom.  And as a 2e kid, she hated it when she made any mistakes.

For years we avoided doing any quizes or tests, so we could focus on the joy of learning itself. 

But through it all she learned that life was not about avoiding making those mistakes.  

But instead that life is all about learning and growing.  And that we all make mistakes along the way....And that making mistakes was a part of learning.


Homeschooling taught our daughter good study skills and gave her practice in organizing her own study schedule.  

And when she got to college, she was already a motivated student. 

Many of the public school college students were not.

With our daughter now a college grad, my hubby and I are so clearly seeing the values of our homeschooling journey....

How it has built up our family relationships that have continued to grow stronger through the college years.  When our daughter encountered difficulties as a young adult in college, she knew she could turn to us for anything, and that we would be there for her, no matter what. 

And we have together found wondrous surprises along the way....
My hubby and I are thankful for the joys of watching her explore her interests in college and find her way there.

One of those joys was watching her intern as a campaign manager for a city councilman, as part of her Political Science studies.

She is now working in Communications for a local city nearby.  Can't wait to see where that will take her! 

Looking back...

The homeschooling road is not an easy one.  There are twists and turns along the way.  Sometimes, very hard ones....

All the work of finding the resources and strategies that fit, then changing them again, when they don't....Correcting math work, finding a rhythm for our days,  dealing with the annual testing required in our state, and all those rainy afternoons...

It all has a cost.  But the homeschooling journey builds so much more than just an education.  

It builds family.  And isn't homeschooling the best way to build a kiddo as well!

And the memories that we built through her homeschool activities and the lifetime friends that we have made, through the years...are ones that we treasure.

The road ever beckons.....

Whatever my daughter encounters in her life as an adult, she has a strong foundation to lean on.  And she knows who she can come to when she needs support.

That is priceless.  

May you find joy in your parenting journey....One day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time.

My best to all of you and your precious families, too.   

What way are you going for your own children's educational path?

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