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Summary: Homeschool your teen with my guide to high school will give you the resources so that you can focus on your teen's needs and enjoy this special time with them as they grow up.  Kindle now FREE to read on Amazon Prime.  #homeschoolhighschool #homeschooltranscripts  

Are you homeschooling a teen, or thinking about homeschooling 
high school? Or already doing that?

Does that give you pause?  

They did for me, until I found out that homeschooling high school was really not that hard to do.

This step-by- step book can help guide you as you homeschool your precious teens, your way.

It is an easy-to-read guide for homeschooling your teen including:
  • choosing your high school curriculum
  • homeschool transcripts step by step guide
  • assigning high school credits
  • making your 3 or 4 year high school plan
  • creating your own homemade courses the easy way
  • where are the best scholarships?
  • choosing high school electives
  • Common Application guide 
  • reference letters for college apps
  • course descriptions 
  • lots more.


The paperback and the kindle allow you to downloaded them including:
  • Making a high school plan
  •  Curriculum planning
  • Credit recording form 
  • Transcript form with step -by-step instructions
  • College entrance requirements for your student, just in case they decide to go there.
  • P.E. Form
  •  Course descriptions recording form and more.

Frugal Paperback and Kindle and 

This is an easy-to-read book that covers all the basics of homeschooling high school. At around 100 pages long and 17 short chapters it is not a daunting read. The author starts with reasons why you should consider homeschooling through high school and then walks you through curriculum selection, extracurriculars, transcript creation, where to find scholarships, etc.

A nice touch is that the book includes 14 forms that you can use for record-keeping during the high school years which you can either copy from the book or download.

This book will help ensure you do that and don't reach senior year and realize that your child will struggle to get into college or struggle to cope with the work in college. Meryl van der Merwe, homeschool mom of 3 grads

I homeschooled my teen through high school, then helped her get into each of the colleges she applied to with scholarship offers.  including a tier 1 University. 

Then I put my best tips for high school into this book. And I am honored that Lessa, certified college counselor, wrote the introduction to my book. For more information I invite you to click here.  The video below shares more about the book and how we got our daughter into college.

My hope is that it will be an encouragement to you for record keeping and more, so that you can focus on your teen's needs and have lots of continued focus on fun family activities along the way.

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Betsy is a Christian and mom to her college grad whom she homeschooled from the early years onward.  She blogs at BJ's Homeschool, about the early yearshigh school & college and wrote Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd edition.   She offers homeschool help through BJ's Consulting. 

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  1. I am excited to read this book. I just got the Kindle version.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for your comment! I hope that it will be a help to you as you homeschool your teens. And nice to meet you at the August Facebook Pary!


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