Homeschooling High School and Getting into College


Are you homeschooling a college bound teen?

While homeschooling high school and helping my daughter get into college, I learned a lot about the college application process.  And particularly what we as homeschoolers need to do to get our teens into college.

To share with others coming after me, I decided to write a book.

 Kindle or Paperback

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It is a FRUGAL easy-to-read guide for homeschooling your college bound teen including:
  • what is needed for college admissions
  • homeschool transcripts that colleges like to see
  • assigning high school credits
  • preparing for teen college writing
  • making your own homemade courses
  • where are the best scholarships?
  • Common Application guide for homeschoolers
  • reference letters for college apps
  • course descriptions for the colleges
  • lots more.


The paperback has them in the book, and for the kindle they can be downloaded, including:

-  Making a high school plan

-  Curriculum planning

-  Credit recording form 

-  Transcript form with step -by-step instructions

-  College entrance requirements for your student, just in case they decide to go there.

-  P.E. Form

-  Course descriptions recording form and more.

My book has been recommended by Lessa Scherrer, a Certified College Counselor, who also wrote the preface to me book.

For more information on the book and my background, click here. 
More on college and homeschoolers is in this video below:

I invite you to follow along with the video outline offered here;

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Betsy is a Christian and mom to her college grad whom she homeschooled from the early years onward.  She blogs at BJ's Homeschool, about the early yearshigh school & college and wrote Homeschooling High School with College in Mind, 2nd edition.   She offers homeschool help through BJ's Consulting. 

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