How to Go from Homeschooling High School to College

Planning your homeschool high school, making transcripts, etc, plus helping your teen get into college.  Sharing tips from helping mine who got into each of the colleges that she applied to, with her homeschool transcript.    #homeschoolhighschool #getintocollege


There are so many questions that we have when we consider how to help our homeschooled high school teens get into college.

So I am sharing my best articles on doing just that.

To encourage you.

How to's and help for planning your high school homeschool, and making a 3 or 4 year plan.

Here's what we did for high school, using our favorites from middle school, plus more ideas from my homeschooling friends. 

The fun of electives and how they also can be key to helping your teen get into college.

This post includes guidance for making your high school transcripts, with what the colleges want in mind.

"There can be so many things to think about, it can be overwhelming....what to do re the SAT, ACT, PSAT, the personal college essay, admission requirements, Common Application, etc...."

Writing a Winning College Essay 

Things to think about when helping your teen decide which college would be a better fit for her.

Homeschool Help/Ask a Question

  For more information, or a question on college, feel free to
contact me through BJ's Homeschool's Facebook, and here's some things that we could discuss:

choosing curriculum 
high school electives
assigning high school credit
making transcripts, how to get started
long range planning tips
writing a college essay
preparing for college without freaking out

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After helping my homeschooled high schooler get into each of the colleges she applied to, I wrote this guide:

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