101 Reasons to Homeschool High School

Summary:  Are you thinking about homeschooling high school, but wondering if it is a good idea?  We found so many benefits from homeschooling our  teen. This list also helped us to deal with those who were negative about our choice to homeschool high school.  Note - This post may included affiliate links to products that we love and have used or would use in our  own homeschool. Please see my disclosure policy.

Are you getting "those questions" about your decision to homeschool your teen?  

Here at BJ's Homeschool, we started homeschooling when my 2e kiddo was 4. 

When it came to the teen years, we wanted to continue learning at home, as it had been working so well for our daughter through the years.  

We are so glad that we continued through high school.  Yes, it took some extra organizing and record keeping, and a few sleepless nights, where we worried if we had made the right decision for our daughter.

But we went with our hearts, and we found that homeschooling high school gave our daughter SO many benefits.  

On the top of the list, it allowed her lots of time to get to know who she was, and explore her interests and participate in activities. (A chapter in my book below includes this.)These activities helped her to find out what she wanted to do in life, and also led her to figure out her major in college.

That's our #1 reason why we homeschooled high school. 

Here's 100 more:

1.  To be there, during the all important teen years, while your child is exploring possibilities and discovering who there are.
2.  To be able to take time off for vacation anytime in the year.
3.  To be able to re-evaluate and adjust things as you go along.
4.  To build up our teens.
5.  To be able to make their own transcript, using your own grading scale.
6.  To have a better chance in getting into college, as courses can be redone, or taken at a slower pace, for better learning and a chance to get a higher GPA.
7.  To teach your teen the love of learning.
8.  And that making mistakes is a part of it all.
9.  To guide our teens, and act as mentors and offer resources to help develop their interests and gifts.

10.  To build in time for special interests, like programming, photography, etc.
11.  To allow your teen to work at her own pace/
12.  To be the one to choose your teen's curriculum/activities with her.
13.  For 1 on 1 learning.
14.  To be able to make your own homemade courses, such as in history.

BJ's Homeschool - Our Journey Towards College: Finding the Play in our Days!

15.  To build in goof off time in the day and let them still be a kid.
16.  To get to watch our teens as they learn and develop as an individual.
17.  To set up the day as you want it to go, for your teen.
18.  To take time for handwork, birdwatching, kayaking!, etc.
19.  To be there, when deep conversations naturally occur.
20.  To have lots of time for electives.  My book below has a list of 100 ideas for your teen's electives.
21.  To be able to explore unique activities.

22.  To build leadership skills.  (link to this post above)
23.  To do service and volunteering in the community.
24.  To take time for meals, and eat when our teens need to.
25.  To be able to guide them as they explore the possibilities in the world around them.
26.  To decide when to take a break.
27.  To be able to teach family values and morals.
28.  To avoid busy work.
29.  The have the ability to choose where to study, at a park, at the library, etc.
30.  Avoid having to sit in a classroom desk all day, and to study in the way that fits your teen's needs. 
31.  To have your teen attend a homeschool prom (link to above post). To take time for meals, and eat when our teens need to.
32.  To allow teens to be themselves, to develop as individuals, instead of just a member of a public school click.
33.  To learn in a supportive, non-pressured environment.

34.  To have a soft place to fall, for your teen.
35.  Avoid having to teach to the test.
36.  To be able to dive deeply into a subject of interest.
37.  To be able to learn together.
38.  To include music and art.

39.  To be able to make your own courses, even in English.
40.   More time for electives!
41.  To have hands-on learning opportunities.
42.  To develop sibling relationships, and keep them strong.
43.  Can continue with your own homeschooling style.
44.  To learn history as it happened, not dependent upon a curriculum chosen by "experts".
45.  For teen-led learning!

46. To do nature study (link to above post) whenever you want.
47.  All of your teen's learning counts towards high school credit.
48.  To be able to study math, without having to use the latest recommended new math approach.
49.  To allow teens to mature at their own pace.
50.  Closer family relationships.
51.  To be less affected by peer group or social pressures.
52.  To take breaks when needed.
53.  Can use online, textbooks, living literature, whatever works best.

54.  To set up your day however you want such as even doing night school.
55.  To grow life long hobbies and interests.
56.  To keep their sense of wonder and creativity.
57.  Can study at the park.
58.  To inspire and promote their interests.
59.  To provide a college prep education, high school, vocational or special needs education, in the way that fits your teen best, within a nurturing environment.
60.  To do art and music studies.
61.  For field trips!
62.  To have meaningful contact with other adults in the community.
63.  To be able to adapt the learning for any special concerns, such as ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, autism, aspergers, SPD.
64.  To have time for free reading.
65.  To be able to take care of medical issues at home.
66.  To have time to reconnect and get out in nature together.
67.  To do apprenticeships.
68.  To take lunch break whenever your teens are hungry.
69.  For co-ops and homeschool group activities.
70.  To be there, to nurture your teens emotional and spiritual development.
71.  To help them begin to find their direction and purpose in life.

72.  To be able to create their own study space.
73.  To avoid the early morning rush to the bus.
74.  To teach good nutrition, by cooking together.
75.  To foster healthy and supportive relationships.
76.  To build strong connections that will last through college and beyond.
77.  To be able to design your teen's high school education, without having to follow public school requirements.
78. To be able to plan your teen's high school years at home yourself. 
79.  To know your teen's friends..
80.  To help your teen develop appreciation for the simple things in life.
81.  To have the time for your teen to discover who they are, and learn to listen to their heart.
82.  To teach life skills.
83.  Able to monitor your teen's activities much better.
84.  To focus on your teen's strengths.
85.  To have fun with your teen.
86.  To help guide your teen's friendships.
87.  To be able to guide your teen's steps to college, vocational training, or work.
88.  For character development.
89.  Flexibility. 
90.  To have your teen's dad be a part of her education.
91.  Can repeat a class.
92.  Going on vacation during the off-season.
93.  Avoiding high school cliques.
94.  Less pressure to conform to latest fashions.
95.  Hot chocolate is available anytime.
96.  Can study on the couch, with the cat, or laying down on the floor.

97.  To be your teen's mentor, as they deal with the all important teen years.
98.  Because you know your teen best.
99.  Because you will become the person that your teen will seek out and share their heart........

And finally.....

100.  To build special memories that you will treasure always....Here's some of mine.........in this link to a video 

What memories do you want to make?   What have I left off this list?   I love reading your comments.  

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  1. Such a great listing! Shared and pinned.

    1. Thank you, Mother of 3! Hope you are having a great summer!

  2. Many homeschool parents are nervous about high school, but look at all the benefits of homeschooling high school!

    1. Thank you, Susan, for your encouraging comment! It was so fun to read! Have a super week,

  3. I absolutely love your post! I ran across it on one of our Facebook homeschool boards. We aren't to the high school stage just yet, but it crosses my mind often. We are planning on becoming a full time traveling family over the next couple of years, so homeschooling will definitely be a benefit and it'll benefit from traveling.


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